Learning Leadership During a Pandemic

 Learning Leadership During a Pandemic

There’s no question that we’re going through one of the most challenging periods most of us have ever seen in our career as learning professionals. Our organizations have been disrupted like never before, as we deal with remote workers, new virtual tools and techniques, and the continued journey towards the moving target that is “the new normal”.

All of these challenges require the support of learning leadership.

Learning 2020 Online will place a spotlight on these challenges and the strategies needed to overcome them. We’ve invited Learning Executives from around the word to join us in discussions exploring critical questions that will help us get through this crisis, including:

  • What Does Learning Leadership Look Like in 2020?
  • How Do We Navigate the Challenges of COVID-19?
  • What Lessons have We Learned So Far?
  • What Changes will Stay with Us Beyond the Pandemic?
  • How Can We Prepare for the New Normal?

Learning 2020 Online will explore these questions and more when we gather online November 16 through 18.

What other challenges would you like to see us address at Learning 2020 Online or in future Learning Community resources? Drop me a line and let me know your thoughts.

Thanks for being a part of the Learning Community.

David Kelly
Executive Director, The Learning Guild