zipBoard is a visual content review and bug tracking platform for accelerated learning development. We are based in Vancouver, Canada.

Our solution works well for teams or individuals collaborating on building, e-learning courses, apps, videos, PDF documents, images or mocks.

What makes zipBoard stand out from other e-learning review tools is:

  • Our projects are flexible to set up We let you collaborate on different digital content in a single project - including webpage URLs, HTML ( for SCORM courses), videos, PDF documents, images.
  • Our visual review tools make it easy for anyone to share reviews without leaving the content using annotations and screen recordings.
  • You can separate access for internal team members and external stakeholders like clients and SME'.
  • Once feedback is received you can add a workflow to organize it.
  • You can add unlimited collaborators and projects
  • Integrate with other tools like JIRA or using our API.
  • Easy to set up and get started.

We currently serve teams across the world in simplifying their e-learning development process and making feedback part of the development process. zipBoard has helped teams which are particularly interested in scaling their development process and develop more quality courses.

zipBoard helps simplify this process of QA and review when building e-learning content.

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Bhavya Aggarwal