Bluewater Learning


Bluewater Learning has helped great companies care for and develop their people to positively impact the future of their business and the transformation of the world. They do this by maximizing employee engagement and optimizing Learning, Talent, and HCM technology.

With over 1000 organizational transformations achieved, Bluewater is known for their dramatic, responsive, and rapid impact. Founded in 2003, Bluewater has grown alongside many of their world-renowned clients expanding to a global presence. Our deep expertise across enterprise, extended enterprise, and SMBs has given us the ability to swiftly diagnose root causes, end the day-to-day inefficiencies, and proactively shift learning and talent systems to support today's pace of change.

Bluewater Learning is one of the few consultancies capable of driving end-to-end impact. They've seen firsthand that for true transformation to occur, the entire employee experience across the life cycle and learning spectrum must be taken into account while planning for the organization's future needs.

"We are insanely passionate and honored to fill a role that drives both individual and organizational success," explained CEO Chris Bond. "True transformation and future-readiness cannot be achieved without both."

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