Chris Bond

CEO, Bluewater Learning

Chris Bond, CEO of Bluewater, has been transforming the Learning and Talent Management field for over 20 years through his leadership and consulting services.

By combining strategic thinking, people development, process development, user experience and the effective use of technologies, Chris has helped clients meet or exceed organizational goals that impact bottom-line financial growth and corporate success.

His diverse industry background and thought leadership lead Chris to be sought after as an authoritative voice in the learning and talent industry. His passion, creativity and experience have inspired the Bluewater team to share his commitment to putting the client first.

2:00 - 2:45 PM ET

Tuesday Nov. 17

Finding Value in Your Pile of Learning Data

Over the past seven months we have seen a dramatic increase in the volume of learning data accumulated. What are organizations to do with this data? Is it meaningful? Is it strategic? Does it have value or is it just another pile of data? Effectively looking at any data set will typically result in finding some diamonds in the rough. The is question is ... how do you find those gems?

In this session, we will help you prioritize your focus on data and simplify the process of locating the elusive "hidden gems" in your learning and talent data.

In this session, we will look at prioritizing business challenges, looking at learning and talent initiatives, prioritizing your data and where it's all coming from, aligning business, learning and data, and discover hidden gems in everyday data and information.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to find the insights you need about your people in your data
  • What you should be reporting on with your available data
  • How to calm down the reporting chaos and regain valuable time in your day
  • The importance of data in your decision making
  • How to build a Decision Analytics Framework that will allow you to translate your data into meaningful action for your business

Technologies/platforms/devices that will be discussed:
Any and all LMS Systems, LXPs, Learning Records Stores, Data Warehouses

Target Audience:
Managers, senior leaders, system administrators