Jake Gittleson

Senior Expert, Learning Design, McKinsey & Company

Jake Gittleson is a Senior Expert in Learning Design for McKinsey & Company. In this role, Jake leads McKinsey Learning’s Research and Innovation Lab and also supports the design for the firm’s pre-partner learning programs. He specializes in helping teams uncover the ‘why’ and imagine the “what if” in areas of learning design, experience, performance, and learning technology. Through research and experimentation, Jake strives to support better learning experiences and empower intentional learners, so colleagues can continue to flourish and achieve their learning goals. In addition to Jake’s everyday role, he co-hostsThe Learning Geeks Podcastand most recently served as the Planning Committee Chair of 2020’s ATD’s Techknowledge Conference.

12:00 - 12:45 PM ET

Monday Nov. 16

How to Strategically Approach Learning Technology Trends

Learning technology is advancing faster than ever, making the task of keeping up with the latest trends seem overwhelming. Today’s learning leaders need to be able to prioritize and build a strategy that enables your organization to anticipate and respond to disruptors and trends affecting our work and the work of those we support.

In this session, we will discuss various disruptors and trends that are affecting the learning technology landscape.  We will walk through the steps needed to prioritize which trends affect your organization so we can then identify the challenges, enablers, and approaches to strategically address them. You will leave this session understanding the best ways to leverage the highest priority trends in your organization.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Technology disruptors and trends affecting the learning landscape
  • How to prioritize and organize trends affecting your organization
  • Strategic enablers and approaches for addressing disruptors and trends
  • How to anticipate and get ahead of disruptors and trends