Karen Kocher

Global General Manager, Talent & Learning Experiences and Workforce/Workplace of the Future, Microsoft

Karen Kocher is the global general manager of talent & learning experiences for Microsoft. She was previously the chief learning officer of Cigna where she was responsible for capability development and maximization for all of CIGNA’s global employees, as well as external audiences including producers, health care professionals, customers, and clients. Karen has over 15 years’ experience managing learning and development functions within Fortune 250 companies. In addition to roles leading education organizations, Karen’s background includes technical and sales positions within the insurance and financial
services industries.

12:00 – 12:45 PM EST

Tuesday Nov. 17

The Learning 2020 CLO Panel: Navigating the Pandemic

COVID-19 has created the largest disruption to learning and work that most of us have ever seen in our careers. The pandemic has affected almost every company around the globe, requiring learning organizations to pivot in ways many of us never expected. Supporting workers during these disruptions is a critical challenge organizations face, and learning leaders will play a major role in helping us navigate these uncharted waters.

In this year’s Learning 2020 CLO Panel, we will explore these challenges and learn how we can help lead our organizations through the COVID-19 pandemic. We will examine the critical role that learning plays during a crisis, and discover the opportunities that emerge for learning leaders to help their organization navigate the difficult times and support workers through the crisis.