Lisa Christensen

Director of Learning Design and Development, McKinsey & Company

Lisa Christensen serves as director of learning design and development for McKinsey & Company, leading a global team of design experts as they innovate the next generation of exceptional learning design and build learning programs to serve McKinsey’s 30,000 colleagues. She previously served as director of mid-tenure learning for the firm.

Before joining McKinsey, Lisa was the senior vice president of implementation for Socratic Arts, where she led the design and development of custom learning programs for clients, including F100 global organizations, non-profit organizations, and the US military. Lisa has deep experience in a variety of learning modalities and approaches but specializes in blended learning, performance support, knowledge management strategies, and immersive simulation design.

Lisa is an accomplished facilitator and author. She holds a bachelor’s degree in international law and diplomacy and a master’s degree in organizational management.

11:00 - 11:45 AM ET

Monday Nov. 16

What Is Learning Leadership? (Panel Discussion)

The workplace is in a period of transition. The future of work was already rapidly evolving based on numerous forces of change; the addition of the pandemic to the equation only makes things more complex. The role of learning professionals to be leaders is more important than ever as we support individuals and organizations through these changes. But what exactly does it mean to be a learning leader?

In this opening session for Learning 2020 Online, we will explore what “Learning Leadership” means in a modern learning organization. We will look beyond learning leadership as an idea and examine what it looks like as a practice, targeting specific skills and behaviors that can be built and nurtured. We will explore not only the knowledge and skills you need as a learning leader today, but what you need to develop in order to prepare yourself and your teams for the challenges still to come.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What “learning leadership” means in 2020
  • The types of skills today’s learning leaders need to develop
  • The role learning leaders need to play in supporting organizations through the challenging times ahead
12:00 - 12:45 PM ET

Wednesday Nov. 18

Intentional Learning: The Most Fundamental Skill

Learning itself is a skill, and developing it is a critical driver of long-term career success. The level of intention we bring to improving our performance readies us for challenges, prepares us to raise our capabilities when needed, and ultimately keeps us inspired and engaged.

In this session, you will discover why unlocking intentional learning can boost personal and professional lives and deliver a competitive edge. You will explore the core mindsets and skills of effective learners and discuss how you can apply those skills for yourself and with your teams.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Why intentional learning is so important
  • How to unlock intentionality in yourself and others
  • How to foster learning by adjusting mindsets
  • The core skills of intentional learners