Phil Komarny

Vice President, Innovation, Salesforce

Phil leads innovation at and is the former Chief Digital Officer at the Institute of Transformational Learning at the University of Texas System. With a 25+ year career and C-Suite roles that have led innovation, transformation and technology, Phil is a highly social, entrepreneurial, and award-winning senior executive with unique insights into learning and emerging technologies. Experienced as a C-level executive within higher education that has leveraged entrepreneurial instincts, a broad technical skillset, and a strong reputation for developing and motivating teams at all levels, Phil has consistently helped businesses integrate new technologies to create values for organizations.

1:00 - 1:45 PM ET

Monday Nov. 16

Reimagine Learning and Talent Development (Panel Discussion)

Could the pandemic be a black swan moment for innovation in workplace learning? Whether it be in-person leadership programs, technical training, or onboarding, we have had months of disruption in most parts of the world. And when lives return to “normal”, things will not just snap back to the old ways. After months of social engagement and technological immersion, workplace learners and business leaders will have a different standard with regard to how they want to engage and learn.

In this panel discussion, you will learn how the challenges of the last few months serve as an opportunity and an impetus for change, and a catalyst for much-needed force of innovation. We will discuss how to reimagine a future-proof L&D sector, and how to develop new and improved learning habits in your organization. We will explore various case studies of transformative learning initiatives, share lessons learned and best practices with learning journeys that include different modalities of immersive learning, in-the-workflow performance support, coaching, and other learning components, and share how to identify and measure the impact of these learning initiatives.