Thirty Under 30 Application

Learning 2020 Thirty Under 30

Learning 2020 Thirty Under 30

Learning 2020: Thirty Under 30

Thank you for your interest in our program! We introduced the Thirty Under 30 Program in 2010 at our Learning Conference and have been excited to see it succeed over the past ten years.

The goal of the Thirty Under 30 at Learning 2020 Program is to provide support, visibility, voice, and development to the next generation of Learning Leaders.

We will select 30 learning colleagues for this unique and powerful program.

Since Learning 2020 will be taking place online and attendees will not need time to arrange travel, we are extending the deadline for applications to September 30, 2020.

The criteria we are looking for in Thirty Under 30 candidates include:

  • Born after November 18, 1990 (You must be under 30 during Learning 2020 Online)
  • Working in the learning field (for an implementer or supplier)
  • Interested in developing your career in the learning field
  • Willing and excited to participate in a number of focused on our Thirty Under 30 cohort, both before, during, and after Learning 2020 Online
  • Willing to play a role at Learning 2020 Online as a session leader
  • Willing to participate in mentoring activities during Learning 2020 Online
  • High energy, outgoing and raring to network with new colleagues
Should you have any questions about this year's applications, please contact David Kelly at
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