Welcome to Building Blocks & Co. website. My name is David Blocker and I am the owner of this firm and a full-time web designer/developer who specializes in creating dynamic and beautiful web pages. I have been in the IT field for over 30 years, both working for corporate America and as a freelance designer. I am an entrepreneur, designer, developer, and overall thinker. Check out some of my work in the portfolio.

Mission / Vision

To design and build web and print solutions that provide our clients with extreme value.


Listen, design, build, and verify ...

  • Listen
    Definition - to make an effort to hear something.
    Applied    - listen to the client and discuss their needs.
  • Design
    Definition - to plan out in systematic, usually graphic form.
    Applied    - design a web site; design a brochure or newsletter.
  • Build
    Definition - to form by combining materials or parts; construct.
    Applied    - build the final product based on needs and design.
  • Verify
    Definition - to prove the truth of by presentation of evidence or testimony; substantiate.
    Applied    - verify the web site meets specification.